Frequently Asked Questions

PLUS Pedal is a music effects unit that generates sustain for notes, chords and other sounds played on the instrument.
The PLUS works based on a new method of digital sound processing we call Real Time Audio Sampling and looping (patent pending). Instead of creating tones using an oscillator and filter based synth engine, RTS (Real Time Sampling) works by creating a smooth, circular loop out of a source signal that is recorded as you go. Think of it as a Smart Looper that only catches the last half of a chord or note and then uses that short audio snippet to create a continuous tone.

Despite being a Digital product, based on a software engine, The PLUS Pedal is easy to operate and is
ready to play right out of the box with no technical setup or installation necessary.

Yes and no – The PLUS Pedal is in fact designed purely as a sustain pedal, however due to the nature of Real Time Sampling the sustained tones can be very different depending on how you play! Try different playing techniques, such as Vibrato, Harmonics, Trills; play with a slide or use your guitar’s whammy bar or just experiment with feedback and other noises and sound effects. Besides that there are many distinct settings to choose from. You can use PLUS as a Piano’s damper pedal, or you can go crazy and create incredible psychedelia with the built in WET ONLY setting. There is also an FX Loop that lets you link the PLUS with any other pedals or effects units for truly unique sounds.
We have already shipped the first few hundreds of pedals, we are in back orders for production. Depending on when your order, we will ship it out to you 7 to 30 days from the purchase date.
We have produced and shipped the first few hundred of pedals and the feedback is overwhelmingly positive! We are now running the production and fulfilling the current orders!

We are halfway in development for our second game-changing product that will be released at the NAMM Show 2018.

If you are still unsure about whether PLUS Pedal fits your needs, please explore our Demo videos and follow us on social media to stay informed.
We are constantly working on new demo videos, we are shipping to selected stores starting late November, leave us your email to find out more.
The PLUS Pedal comes bundled with a special footswitch.
The “WET” footswitch will allow you to switch between the two key modes much quicker thus letting you get the maximum user experience.

Other brand footswitches will not be compatible with the PLUS pedal.

The Wet-only mode can also be accessed without a footswitch – via a tumbler switch on the pedal’s side panel.

The PLUS Pedal is 8 in x 3.5 in x 2.2 in (lwh) and weighs 2 pounds.
The PLUS works with a standard 9V DC power supply with a center negative plug.
The PLUS draws around 130 mA and therefore is not compatible with a standard 9V battery.
The PLUS is compatible with any instrument and all other effects units you might be using. We suggest you put PLUS Pedal first in your effects chain, but other than that – its all up to you. Check out some of the basic setups in our Features page.
The PLUS Pedal is about two thirds of the size of a typical wah-wah, volume or exression pedal.
The PLUS pedal was designed primarily with electric guitars in mind, but as long as you are willing to put your acoustic instrument through the PA – you can use it with any melodic instruments, including Brass, Woodwinds, marimbas, vibraphones etc., via a microphone connection.
The current model will not offer any additional software updates – just plug in and play.
No, the PLUS pedal is not a standard looper – it is built to sample only short individual sounds and turn those into long sustain sounds.
The PLUS Pedal is a buffered pedal and not true bypass – but don’t worry 😉
We use high quality materials and there is no noticeable signal loss.

The Wet sustain sounds are produced by a Digital engine, but the through Dry signal is high-quality analog at all times.

You can pre order the PLUS pedal on our website. We offer flat-rate shipping worldwide. We don’t sell in retail stores yet.
You can cancel your order and receive a full refund any time prior to shipping. When you receive your PLUS Pedal, you get a 30 day return period with a full refund guaranteed (some shipping charges may apply).
We encourage you to lock in the early bird price and become one of the first recipients of the PLUS Pedal.
PLUS Pedal is available worldwide – however – when ordering outside the US or European Union, be aware that you will need to pay any applicable local customs fees and taxes.

US customers purchasing more than one pedal in a single order may face additional customs fees.

The customer is responsible for the payment of local customs duties/taxes applicable in his country.
The Pre-Order price paid is final for US and EU customers buying a single PLUS Pedal.
You will receive:
-The PLUS Pedal device
-Users Manual
-Access to video tutorials and materials
-Special offers for future accessories and other Game Changer products.
PLUS Pedal is available in one classic design which fits all setups.
We offer a limited one year warranty from the date of shipping against any manufacturing defects. Please check our terms and conditions page for more details.