The PLUS Pedal does not generate sounds with oscillators and filters! Instead – think of it as a sort of “Smart Looper” that only catches the second half of each note or chord you play and samples that short snippet of sound into a seamless, continuous loop.
This patent pending technology called “Real Time Audio Sampling” ensures that each sustained note or chord will retain the exact character of your instrument and your playing style.

The PLUS Pedal can also be used with all other acoustic instruments, such as brass or woodwinds, or even vocals. Use a standard microphone to produce amazing polyphony in real-time and create multiple voices like never before.



The PLUS Pedal has one main mono 1/4 inch jack input. To plug in a microphone, you’ll need to use an XLR adaptor.

The Second Output “DRY OUT” will send the DRY signal at all times (it also doubles as a footswitch input jack).

The Main Output on the pedal’s far left side can send out a mixed Dry / Wet signal, depending on the position of the Toggle switch.
When the toggle is set to MIX, then the Main Output will send out a mixed signal:

– when the Pedal is not engaged it will simply send the DRY signal through unafffected;
– as soon as the pedal is pressed down, the WET signal will be added to the mix.

When the toggle switch is set to WET Only, the DRY signal will be removed from the Main output.
This mode is called “WET ONLY”

The DRY output can be used for many purposes – for example – create a stereo effect with two amps, or split you effects chain.
Another option would be to keep the dry signal plugged into a recording unit at all times.


The FX Loop allows you to link the PLUS Pedal with any other effects unit and use it to modify the Wet or the Dry signal separately.

For example – add a tremolo unit into the FX Loop and apply it to the WET signal only.
That way you can play a chord, sustain it with the PLUS pedal and it will have a nice pulsating effect, while anything you play on top will be unaffected by the tremolo.

Or you can put a Overdrive pedal into the FX Loop, set the Toggle Switch to DRY and use this setting to play clean chords, and lay overdriven fills on top of them.

This is really an open platform for experimentation and we encourage you to dust off some old unused pedals and try them out in a whole new context.


The special WET footswitch goes into the DRY output of the PLUS PEDAL.
When the WET ONLY mode is engaged, the main output will have no DRY output, which allows you to create some very interesting sound effects and even transform your guitar into something like an organ or a cello or a synth pad.

The Footswitch also has an output jack, therefore if you still wish to use a second amp with the DRY output – you can plug a basic jack – jack cable into the Footswitch.