The core team consists of three engineers/guitarists and the PLUS Pedal started out as a post-graduate experiment on sound synthesis. We instantly realized this idea’s massive potential for live instruments, and began working on the first prototypes in early 2015. Today, almost two years later – with two new team-members, three full redesigns and thousands of work-hours under our belts – we are proud to announce the PLUS Pedal’s debut at Winter NAMM 2017, with the first production batch already under way.

Playing and gigging with the PLUS pedal throughout development has completely changed our perception of the guitar and music-making in general. The PLUS Pedal truly lets you do more with your instrument, and judging by the smiling, excited faces of numerous local musicians that have helped us test the final product – I think we may have created one of the most exciting effects units of our generation!

ILYA KRUMINS, creator of the PLUS Pedal




Martins is the author of the code and circut boards. Does a lot of rockabilly playing and motorcycling on weekends.



Ilya has brought together the team which makes the PLUS Pedal work. An active musician in his spare time.



Kristaps makes sure that all wires and components hold together and work the magic. Also an avid bass player.